CompuStars EZ-Go is a mini keyless entry transmitter that automatically unlocks your doors when it comes within three feet of your car, and will lock your doors when the transmitter is further than 15ft away.
Users place the small quarter-sized device on a key chain or in a pocket and it eliminates the need to press lock or unlock on a CompuStar Alarm, Remote Starter,Keyless Entry System or Drone Mobile (smartphone based) controler.
The device is particularly useful to owners of Drone Mobile systems because it eliminates the need to reach into a pocket and pull out a phone, launch an app and wait a few seconds for the response.

This system can be added to any current model Compustar or Compustar PRO system, as well as Nu-Start systems.

For further information please contact BPG Autosound and Security your local independant Compustar PRO Dealer

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