Audison Prima, The OEM Integrator: A historical turning point.

 The Car Audio Industry is about to witness a historical turning point: soon, OEM audio systems with average performance, fully integrated and “tuned” for the specific vehicle, making it difficult to successfully upgrade, will be a fading memory!

The technologies developed by Audison come together to go beyond the limits of the OEM system: the “father” was the bit One, today acknowledged as a reference within its own category.

Today, with the new Prima line, Audison offers incredibly innovative solutions, such as the ”Prima Sound Packs”, vehicle specific kits, where the system’s pulsing heart is the AP bit amplifier, featuring the Audison bit Drive and Full DA technologies.


Audison Prima is a complete, integration-friendly product range, developed for unmatched OEM upgrades in any vehicle.


Complete audio packs, ready to play your sound; amplifier, speakers, accessories and bit Drive DSP set-up files, developed and assembled for specific car models.


Compact amplifiers with built-in DSP featuring 7 “Drive” presets, providing the ability to take complete advantage of the bit Drive potential with just a simple selector: the Audison team has developed 7 DSP presets, fine-tuned for the most common setups specific to the amplifier model. The Audison Prima amplifiers are all D Class Full Range. Quick release connectors facilitate Plug&Play installations using wiring kits specific for different car models, maximum integration with the vehicle’s OEM system.


Speaker systems developed using the same performance targets as the Prima amplifiers. Astonishing efficiency, fundamental to an OEM upgrade speaker, in conjunction with the natural sound and high power handling of a premium quality speaker. The coax models tout the maximum in technological expression: a concentric tweeter with acoustic lens correction combined with a pulp cone and a 32 mm (1.25 in.) voice coil. The high power handling and consequent bass articulation, along with dispersion and phase consistency in the high frequency range, provide the ability to achieve the performance of a competent 2-way system in those cars where this type of system is not feasible due to physical restraints.