DashCrab FX


One-Handed Operation!  Keep you hands on the wheel and eyes on the road!

Works with or without a case as the holder stretches up to 6 inches. This allows it to grasp most smartphones, even the Phablets (phone-tablets) – regardless of how thick their cases are . The Dash Crab FX is the world’s best universal car mount, with a unique stylish clip-grip holder that securely holds your phone in the car – even in the roughest of terrains.

Dash Crab FX Car Mount features a sticky suction mount, which adheres to almost any flat surface – works with most dashboards and windshields (see texting and driving help page below for rules!)

Dash Crab FX rotates a complete 360°, easily find a comfortable angle. This is ideal to find a perfect viewing position, especially when using your smartphone as a GPS Sat Nav (Satelite Navigation) system within your car.

The stylish clip and grip holder makes mounting and unmounting your phone easy with a simple yet effective clip. The rubber grips hold your phone securely without damaging it.  Attached and released with one-handed operation.