GLADE DSP 4to6  
  Digital sound processor:
  • 4 – channel input, 6 – channel output
  • AUX inputs for stereo signals, hands-free and portable navigation with automatic signal identification (sensitivity adjustable)
  • Highest resolution, eg time correction in 0.02 ms steps, Q in steps of 0.001
  • All settings changeable in realtime
  • High / low / band-pass, shelf, notch filters and with freely selectable Q factor
  • Parametric and Graphic EQ with up to 30 (para-graphical) bands per channel pair
  • External control panel (optional) with a display for the main functions such as volume, sub-level and the 4 presets
  • USB and BT adapter (optional) to adjust to the PC or Android control over a Smart Phone
  • 4-Channel High-level input with automatic remote
  • Input mixer for all kinds of mixing ratios
  • Summation of already filtered signals from OEM sound systems
  • Self-explanatory input surface with videos and sample applications
  • Operation with the mouse / trackpad, or even via keys (in the car a lot easier)
  • DSP technology, Gladen Audio, Germany
  • Dimensions: 150 x 40 x 125 mm
  • Made by Mosconi, Italy


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