Coming Soon to your Fiat 500.  The JL Audio Stealthbox, featuring a single 10w3 subwoofer.

What is a Stealthbox®?


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If you’re like most people, you spend more time listening to music in your car than any other place. Too bad most car stereos have weak sound quality, especially in the bass department.

Adding a subwoofer is the single, most significant improvement you can make to a car audio system. Not only do you get the benefit of the subwoofer’s superior bass performance, but with proper system design, you also relieve the small front and rear speakers in your car from the burden of reproducing bass. This makes them sound better, cleaner and louder.

The only problem with subwoofers in the car is that they typically take up a lot of room, which can be a big problem if you want to keep your vehicle’s comfort and utility intact. JL Audio’s Stealthbox® subwoofer systems solve this problem once and for all, while delivering a level of sub-bass performance that is way ahead of the curve. And, as the name implies, no one will ever know it’s there.

d1c685210a929c0c5da1eec44a3b5166JL Audio engineers begin the Stealthbox® design process by studying the acoustics of the target vehicle and evaluating potential Stealthbox® locations.

Extensive testing takes place with the goal of maximizing performance while minimizing loss of vehicle utility and comfort. Then we choose from our vast arsenal of acclaimed subwoofer components and our rather extensive bag of loading techniques to produce the best possible subwoofer response for each and every Stealthbox® vehicle. Prototypes are evaluated and fine-tuned to further improve sound quality, output, cosmetics and fit. After a month or two (sometimes three) of intense research, a Stealthbox® is ready for production.

The result is a product that embodies JL Audio’s passion for car audio by exceeding the conventional limits of system design!

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