idatastart_BM1Until now a plug and play remote starter for a BMW was non-existent, but ADS has come up with a solution, so that you can cool your car down in the summer heat, and warm up and defrost your vehicle on those icy mornings.

Available in mid  August, BPG Autosound will be able to remote start your 2005 and newer BMW with or without the Push to Start, using the new ADS BM1 moudule.

The installation is done with a T-harness for simple, warranty friendly  installation, in addition, drivers will not need to give up one of their car keys to act as a bypass.

The new BMW and Mercedes devices are able to remote start the car from the factory key fob by pressing the lock button three times.

They can be paired with optional long range remote transmitters and the Drone Mobile smartphone-controlled solutions.

BMW and Mini models 2005-2013 are covered by the iDatsStart BM1  (

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