Compustar’s Brand New 2WT10SS Coming Soon!!!10302784


Start your car from the comfort of your home on the coldest days so you’ll have a toasty ride all ready with this Compustar 2-way package. With a range of up to 5,000 feet and multiple buttons such as panic/car find, lock/arm, and siren/horn mute, this package offers big convenience in a small package.

More Information

  • Remote start your car quickly and easily with the 4-button two-way LCD remote and 4-button one-way remote
  • Get instant command confirmation with the five LED lights
  • Range of up to 5,000 feet
  • Use the keyless feature to lock/arm to secure your doors and unlock/disarm to access your vehicle
  • Passive arming/locking automatically secures your vehicle 30 seconds after you unlock it
  • Press the panic/car find button to quickly and easily find your car in the parking lot
  • Siren/horn mute triggers or mutes the siren if your Compustar system is connected to an alarm
  • Valet mode turns off the remote start settings for when you go for valet or any other kind of servicing
  • Turbo timer minimizes premature turbo wear by running your engine in idle
  • Switch between vehicles with just one remote with the Second Car Mode
  • Includes Spread Spectrum


Coming Fall 2014! Contact your Security Experts @ BPG Autosound for more information!