Magnadyne’s new MV-IPAD2-KG overhead iPad docking station kit allows drivers to mount an iPad on the roof of a car so that the kids or other backseat passengers can enjoy a movie, or conduct other activities while on the road.
Essentially, the system allows an iPad to act almost like a portable DVD player. But with a WiFi (or 3G connection), users could also stream content from the Internet, surf the Web, or do other Web-related activities while traveling. Mount the iPad (including the iPad 2 via a special insert to accommodate it’s thinner size), and enjoy a movie, photo slideshow, or even FM radio via the built-in FM transmitter. The unit comes with a built-in IR transmitter for audio output to the included IR headphones.
Because the mount replaces the dome lights, the unit comes with replacement dome lights built-in with selectable trigger inputs. The USB plug charges the iPad while it’s in use. The mount allows for tilting the iPad up and down or side-to-side for optimal viewing.
The kit comes with a universal cream-coloured trim shroud, universal mounting bracket and hardware, and two pairs of IR headphones. It measures 16 x 16 x 8 cm (d/w/h) and weighs 13 kg.